Fashion in the Making


Sinéad Odessa

Pronounced: Sha-nayd Oh-des-sa

I am recognized by my peers for my appreciation of bold prints, unabashed love of color, and  over the top style I utilize in my designs and day-to-day lifestyle. Oh, and my lifetime devotion to Betsey Johnson. Raised in a household fueled by adventure and nourished by art, I gained a large appreciation for unique style. Having been exposed to Japanese culture as a young child, I became inspired by Japanese street fashion and anything Yazawa Ai, who helped pave my path toward apparel design school. Armed with my scissors and thread, I conquered design school while creating size and age inclusive looks for playful and daring people with vivacious attitudes. Now, I’ve expanded my goals and it’s time to water the other flowers in my garden. 

Fashion in the Making

On the blog, I seek to tell the story of "fashion in the making”. Which means the blog is focused around the art and fashion that inspires me and a behind the scenes look at what I create. Travel is a key component to my creative process and personal growth. So, there is also a lifestyle aspect to this blog where I’ll share my personal style and experiences on the road. These are just a couple of the important pieces behind what drives my vision and, hopefully, business. Thus begins the documentation of my journey as a nomadic creationist seeking to find their place in this vast world.