Fashion in the Making

Yatta! Hits the Runway.

Designer and mentor, Samantha Rei, from Project Runway Season 16 snapping a photo of my look. 

I'm so excited to share this collection, "YATTA!", for Full Fashion Panic!
This is an annual fashion show to close out MCAD's Mechademia conference.  You can read the detailed story behind this collection over on my portfolio but in summary, the idea was to create a collection that represents the future but isn't costume. I thought about the direction fashion would take with the depletion of resources. What does that mean for the rich textile industry and Japanese Street Fashion? Thus birthed the idea of this Yanki gang that turned their backs on crime to become bounty hunters. They collect scraps from the wastelands of fast fashion to create colorful garments at cost that challenge the divide between the rich and the poor. Basically, the Robin Hood's of future fashion.

I have to say, I wouldn't be anything without my models. I can always count on these fabulous women to rock it out and bring pride back to my hard work. But actually, I'm really proud of this collection, which is something I can't always say. Even with this, I was so worried it was going to fall short of expectations. Then... they put these pieces on and, with the help of make up magician Nic Butcher, they embodied the characters I envisioned in my mind and brought them to life in what I can only describe as an assault on the runway. Complete with ultra-femme pink bats. They SLAYED it. I just had to share these photos and my thoughts. With this collection, I finally feel like I'm creating work I'm completely proud of because it is 100% me. Yatta! hasn't just been challenging but fun, it's changed my outlook on my capabilities and expectations of what I want to do. I learned to trust myself, take a breather when I need it, don't hold myself to unreasonable standards, and not to tear myself down. I've found a way to tell my story and I can't wait to create more chapters out of fabric and thread. 

Photos by: Drayke Larson


  1. I'm so proud of you my darling! And this collection really is something you should be proud of too, it's fantastic! I love you and your sensibility and creativity, keep up the hardwork! I'll be looking forward to the next chapters as well ��

    1. Aw thank you dear for your constant loyalty and love <3