Fashion in the Making

Making my rabbit a dust bunny!

Happy Halloween gals and ghouls!  By now you've most likely already put two and two together that, yep, I am indeed a crazy pet person. I'm quite fond of my little Ada Lovelace. When I first got her we did a fun little photoshoot for Valentine's day with Betsey Johnson items (because I'm always about that Betsey product placement! I still wish she'd gotten a mascot contract.) Well, it's been awhile! Not at all thanks to the fact that Ada really isn't one to sit still and pose. And rather than make myself a costume this year, I took the liberty of making Ada's. Like all pets when it comes to glamour shots, she was super grateful.

Being so excited about my concept, I wanted to share another look into my process and this DIY so you can catch the video above! If you'd like to make it yourself you'll need a measuring tape, scissors, felt or fabric, craft pom poms, googly eyes, star beads, velcro, fabric glue, a glue gun, and a sewing needle with thread. I measured around Ada's neck and waist because I wanted to add a belt with velcro to be able to get it on and off with ease and comfort. I also measured the desired width and length of the area I wanted the happy soot family to sit on her body, in my case I chose a saddle like shape and size. From there, it's pretty self explanatory

In the end, I think Ada didn't mind her costume. She seemed very comfortable and not to notice it was there. The thing she didn't appreciate was all the effort I put in trying to get a good photo. She has absolutely no interest in ever being a Covergirl. 

Until next time!
xx Sinéad 

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