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February in Polaroids

This February may have been a leap year but it still seemed to just FLASH by. 

Work and school are really eating my time but I wanted to take time to remanence on my favorite February moments! Most of them were caught on my Instax Mini. I had the best Valentines, spending it with my lovely gal pals at an all girls lingerie party. I got all settled in my new room, and added a few pieces. I had a great time participating in the Identity Fashion Show showcasing my schools senior year apparel design collections and representing one of my sophomore year projects from last year. And I learned a lot about screen printing in my color and form class. Take a look!

February 6th: Identity Fashion Show. I wasn't as excited about this show as I could have been because I was showing an older look that had already been represented in a fashion show. I ended up having the greatest day, though. I'll look back on this day whenever I'm not feeling the best about doing something and remember to "just show up" because you never know, the best things happen when you don't expect them.

February 9th (through 29th): Color and form studio has brought us closer with the return of my classmates who've been studying abroad. The class itself is both easier and more difficult than I expected. The challenges are just beginning, next we work on fabric. Which, I'm thrilled about. I'm glad I'm having the opportunity to work on so many fun projects and expand my portfolio.


February 14th: Valentines Day was never more enjoyable than spending it with these loves and friends. 

February 18th: Loving this heart shaped ottoman from target and finally hung some hooks for my bags in my closet! It's been interesting having a room again. Unpacking my stuff after it's been in storage forever has lead to letting go of a lot of items and discovering what has been consistent in my life.

Despite the hardships, there's been triumphs. What were your favorite February memories?

 Keep dreaming.
 xox Sinead


  1. Glad you ended up having a great day at the identity fashion show! I love all of your polaroids from this month!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. Thanks your follower girly, just checked out your blog. LOVE IT. Keep up the good work. Just followed your blog, and followed you on bloglovin.

    Jessica Ann

  3. OMG! That looks like so much fun! A lingerie party to say eff you Valentine's Day! Love it!


  4. February was amazing indeed and that's great you have so many nice Polaroid to remember every detail from the lingerie cake to all your friends silliness haha ❤