Throwback - Wanderlust in France
27 March 2015 @ 12:13 AM

I can't believe it has already been a year since I went to France. The trip came at a pretty hectic time in my life and I wasn't sure I could handle it with all the assignments we had been given for Spring "break". We left the day break started and came back the night before it ended. My friend, Phuong, and I had signed up for this class together as the only two apparel program students and we struggled to keep up with the class. When we got there, though? Well, honestly, I can't tell you I didn't get stressed along the way but I wouldn't trade the experience or the all nighter I pulled coming home for anything. 

That spring break was a lot different than the one I experienced this year. For one thing, that one SINGLE all nighter is like a piece of cake in comparison to preparing for a full collection show this break.

I took a breather for myself tonight and reminisced. The amazing architecture, nature, Paris at night, the art in everything that exists, and the fashion that comes out of France has inspired me and reminded me why I work so hard to get somewhere and why put so much into everything I do and create. It reminds me why I love my major.

The only downside?

I'm feeding my restless heart with a strong dose of wanderlust. My next trip can't come soon enough!

(Warning: Picture Heavy)

Theres just something about the line work, the intricate details, the shapes and colors, every use of the element of design that keeps me motivated. It's fascinating to think about the history behind these buildings and designs that they work so hard to uphold. Theres something magical about it. I'm glad I've gotten to experience it. 

How do you find inspiration? 

L'imagination gouverne le monde. - Napoleon Bonaparte
Imagination rules the world.   Napoleon Bonaparte

Keep Dreaming, 
xoxo Sinead Odessa 

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Anonymous Pakky said...
Oh Paris, tu me manques~ it's been a year already, time passes by so fast! I hope you can be adventurous and get some rest like that again soon, hopefully with me haha and I love your photos, though I also have photos at most same places, yours have a different feel to them, they feel just like you, a good eye for art, fashion and more importantly, always looking up, literally, I love it how half of those photos are of ceilings haha love you
28 March, 2015 04:51 
Anonymous Sinéad Odessa said...
Hahaha oops! Well.. the ceilings were amazing! So, no regrets. I had 5000 photos... I just chose some of my favorites. My eiffel tower photo was my favorite.
28 March, 2015 09:33 
Anonymous Pakky said...
Yup no need for regrets dear, everything looks great! And oh then I wanna see all the photos someday! I stayed longer and didn't take half as many haha~ and yes, I love your tour Eiffel photo too, the angle is great and the carousel looks so pretty!
28 March, 2015 10:33 

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